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[팟캐스트] (281) CES 롤러블 TV, 설연휴 기차표


진행자: 배현정, Paul Kerry

1.LG Electronics wows world with industry’s first rollable OLED TV

기사 요약 : 미국 라스베가스에서 열린 CES 2019에서 LG전자가 ‘돌돌 말리는’롤러블 TV를 발표해서 업계의 주목을 받았다.

[1] Hearty cheers and camera flashes filled the venue of LG Electronics’ press conference as the tech giant’s 65-inch OLED TV screen gracefully slid down into a sound speaker box. It is a television that one has never seen before.

*hearty : 따뜻한, 진심어린
*venue : 장소
*slide down : 미끄러져 내리다

[2] A day before the opening of the Consumer Electronics Show 2019, LG Electronics unveiled the world’s first rollable organic light-emitting diode TV, with a plan to commercialize it in the second half of the year.

*rollable : 말 수 있는
*light-emitting diode : 발광 다이오드, LED
*commercialize : 상업화하다

[3] The Korean TV maker presented its 65-inch LG Signature OLED TV R to the global press in what is going to be the industry’s first commercial flexible OLED TV.

*signature : 특징, 대표적이거나 상징적인 상품
*flexible : 유연한

[4] The “R” in the name stands for revolutionary, rollable and redefinition of the space, according to the company.

*stand for~ : ~을 상징하다
*revolutionary : 혁명적인
*redefinition : 재정의

[5] Despite being described as “rollable,” the TV does not roll up but rather folds up like a blind. It comes with a rectangular sound speaker where the TV can be hidden when it is not in use. The TV does not have to be attached to a wall.

*fold up : 접히다
*attached : 부착되다


2.‘Reservation war’ starts for train tickets home for Lunar New Year

기사 요약 : 음력 설 연휴가 다가옴에 따라 귀향 열차표를 사려는 사람들 간에 경쟁, 소위 ‘예매 전쟁’이 치열하다.

[1] When Korea’s two major holidays approach every year, people get ready to take part in fierce competition for train tickets to their hometowns.

*take part in~ : ~에 참여하다
*fierce : 치열한

[2] On Tuesday, Korail opened ticket sales for the 2019 Lunar New Year holiday period, drawing mixed reactions from people who succeeded or failed to secure seats.

*mixed reactions : 엇갈린 반응
*secure : 확보하다

[3] Korail allocated 70 percent of the holiday train tickets for online sale, but the quota usually sells out instantly. On Tuesday morning, the number of people using the holiday ticket reservation website at the same time peaked at 150,000, according to Korail. The difficulty in securing tickets has led to the process being called a “Reservation War” or “Class Registration for all Koreans,” comparing it to the fierce competition in signing up for college classes online.

*quota : 할당량
*peak : 정점, 정점을 찍다

[4] On Tuesday morning, it was easy to spot people seeking the remaining 30 percent of the tickets, which are sold at stations and travel agencies, at Seoul Station.

*spot : 발견하다


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