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[팟캐스트] (280) 중장년 여성 막걸리 소비 증가, 쌍용차 해고자 71명 복직


진행자: 김보경, Kevin Lee Selzer

'Makgeolli' contributing to alcoholic consumption by older women: report

기사요약: 10년 사이 중장년 여성층의 막걸리 소비가 1.7배 증가했다

[1] The traditional alcoholic beverage "makgeolli" has contributed to the increased consumption of alcoholic beverages by older women, a report showed Monday.

*contribute: 기여하다

*consumption: 소비

*alcoholic beverage: 알코올성 음료

[2] According to the report conducted by a team of researchers at Seoul National University College of Medicine, a daily average of alcoholic beverages consumed by women aged between 40 and 69 increased from 4.6 grams in 2003 to 5.8 grams in 2009.

[3] Also, the percentage of makgeolli consumption among alcoholic beverages jumped from 4.2 percent to 7.4 percent during the same period.

* during the same period: 같은 기간

[4] The report was based on a total of 129,824 people aged between 40 and 69 to study alcohol consumption patterns among the middle-aged and older populations.

* middle-age: 중년기

[5] The latest report was published in the international Journal of Epidemiology.

*epidemiology: 전염병학

[6] The Korean liquor, which is traditionally made from rice, yeast and water, typically has a alcoholic content between 6-8 percent.

* liquor: 독주

[7] Local makgeolli producers have been striving to expand into overseas markets by developing new flavors and changing the alcohol content to better cater to the tastes of foreign customers.

*strive: 분투하다

*expand: 확대하다

* better cater to: ~에 영합하다

기사 전문:

SsangYong Motor reinstates 71 workers, ends decade of labor-management conflict

기사요약: 쌍용자동차 해고자의 60%인 71명이 10년 만에 일터로 돌아왔다

[1] SsangYong Motor, the South Korean unit of Indian carmaker Mahindra & Mahindra, reinstated on Monday 71 employees and hired 34 new workers as a follow up measure of the September agreement ending a decadelong conflict between labor and management.

*reinstate: 복직

*follow up: 후속 조치

* decadelong: 10년 간의

[2] “The decision to reinstate the workers was made to deal with the production of the long-body version of Rexton Sport and succeeding model of Korando C named C300 alongside reduced work hours,” the company said in a statement.

* succeeding model: 후속 기종

[3] In late September, four parties involved -- SsangYong Motor, SsangYong Motor’s labor union, Korean Metal Workers’ Union, and the Economic, Social and Labor Council -- reached a consensus to bring back 60 percent of dismissed workers by the end of 2018, and the remaining workers during the first half of 2019.

* consensus: 의견 일치

* dismissed workers: 해고자

[4] With the latest reinstatement, SsangYong Motor has put an end to its longstanding issue surrounding the assembly workers who left the company after the firm was placed under court receivership in 2009, before Mahindra took over the company.

* longstanding: 오랫동안

* assembly workers: 공장 근로자

* court receivership: 법정 관리

[5] At the time, 900 workers who had joined a strike were given options to either go on unpaid leave or take voluntary redundancy. Those who refused both options were permanently laid off.

* strike: 파업

* unpaid leave: 무급휴직

* voluntary redundancy: 희망퇴직

[6] After years of disputes, which spread into a political debate, the 454 workers who had chosen unpaid leave returned to work as of 2013. The company and the union then agreed to a gradual reinstatement of the workers in 2015 and most recently agreed on the final schedule for the remaining 119 workers who lost their jobs.

* dispute: 분쟁

* gradual: 차차

기사 전문: