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N. Korea kicks up commemorative mood on eve of 7th anniversary of late leader's death

North Korea's main newspaper on Sunday published a series of articles lauding late leader Kim Jong-il on the eve of the seventh anniversary of his death, focusing on how much he cared about his people.

Kim Jong-il died on Dec. 17, 2011, after ruling the communist nation following the death of his father and national founder, Kim Il-sung, in 1994. Current leader Kim Jong-un, the third son of the late leader, took over the North in another hereditary succession of power.


On Sunday, the North's Rodong Sinmun newspaper published an editorial celebrating the late leader as an "excellent politician" who led the country to victory in its struggles against imperialists to ensure world peace and socialism.

On its front-page were articles about commemorative events held in foreign countries.

The paper also ran an epic poem highlighting the late leader's efforts to improve the lives of his people, saying the last document he signed on the night of Dec. 16 before his death was an order to provide fish to citizens in Pyongyang.

State media outlets have been running stories about the late leader in an effort to kick up a commemorative mood ahead of the anniversary, highlighting his economic achievements, rather than military achievements like the development of nuclear weapons and missiles.

This is in line with Kim Jong-un's current economic focus.

On Saturday, the Rodong Sinmun ran an editorial calling for the country to focus on economic development. (Yonhap)