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Water meters in Seoul freeze in cold weather

 The three-day cold spell that eased Monday caused 160 water meters to freeze and burst in Seoul, the local government said.

According to the Office of Waterworks Seoul Metropolitan Government on Monday, a total of 58 cases of frozen water meters had been reported over the weekend as of Monday morning.


Temperatures fell as low as minus 11 degrees Celsius on Friday and minus 11.4 degrees Celsius on Saturday, triggering a warning to be issued for freezing water meters.

After temperatures eased slightly on Sunday, with a low of minus 8.1 degrees Celsius, the warning was downgraded to a “caution.”

A “warning” is issued when the lowest temperature forecast plunges to below minus 10 degrees Celsius, while a “caution” is issued when the temperature is expected to fall to minus 5-10 C. Checking the insulation of exposed water meters, exposed water pipes, toilets and boilers is advised when a “caution” is issued.

Frozen or burst water meters can be reported to 120 Dasan Seoul Call Center or the local office of waterworks. 

By Lee So-jeong (