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Heat wave victims to be eligible for natural disaster subsidies of up to W10m

Heat waves were legally classified as natural disasters in September, so victims can now receive government support. 

To be eligible, applicants must have been in the affected areas during the relevant time frames and must produce medical documentation certifying that they suffered from heatstroke or other heat-related illnesses. 

(Ministry of the Interior and Safety)
(Ministry of the Interior and Safety)

Those who were hospitalized for heat-related illnesses during a heat wave warning and died later are eligible to apply for government support as well.

Victims should report the level of harm they suffered to their local governments.

For injuries, victims can receive 2.5 million to 5 million won, while the family of a person who dies as the result of a heat wave will receive 10 million won. The government support program will take effect retroactively, and victims of the 2018 heat wave will be eligible to apply.

Meanwhile, as of this winter, cold spells will be classified as natural disasters, allowing the government to set standards for determining damages and the corresponding levels of disaster relief.

Information about heat wave disaster support is available at the Ministry of the Interior and Safety website at

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