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[팟캐스트] (275) KT 화재, 수능영어시험 난이도 논란

진행자 : 임현수, Paul Kerry

1. KT fire sparks chaos in Seoul

기사요약: 한국의 주요 통신사 KT의 건물에서 화재가 일어나 용산구, 마포구등 서울 곳곳에서 통신 장애가 일어났다. 가게안에서 인터넷 문제로 카드결제가 불가능 했고 많은 유저들이 전화와 인터넷 연결 마비를 경험했다.

[1] Phone and internet services, cash machines and in-store payment systems provided by KT were paralyzed in parts of Seoul over the weekend after a fire took out key network equipment.

*paralyze: 마비되다, 장애를 일으키다.

[2] According to fire authorities, the fire broke out in the basement of a KT building in Ahyeon district at around 11:10 a.m. on Saturday. It took about 10 hours for the blaze to be completely put out.

*break out: (불이) 나다

*put out: (불을) 끄다

[3] While no human casualties have been reported, KT’s landline, mobile and internet networks in the area went down after the fire hit communications equipment that was installed in the basement of the building.

*install: 설치하다

[4] The network blackout affected mostly western Seoul including Mapo-gu, Seodaemun-gu, Yongsan-gu and Eunpyeong-gu and parts of Goyang in Gyeonggi Province. Services remained unavailable or spotty as of Sunday afternoon.

*spotty: (통신이) 불안정한

[5] Seoul city sent emergency mobile phone alerts about the damaged network system on Saturday, but KT subscribers in the area were unable to receive the messages as phone services were down.

*alert: 알리다


2. Internet erupts over difficult Suneung English questions

기사요약:올해 수능 영어시험 문제의 난이도가 인터넷에서 화재를 일으켰다. 국내 뿐만아니라 영어권 국가 출신의 사람들도 놀라움을 금치 못했으며 영어선생님들 또한 제 2외국어로 영어를 공부하는 한국 학생들 대상의 대입시험의 난이도에 놀란 눈치였다.

[1]Questions from this year’s English test for the Suneung, South Korea’s national college entrance exam, have baffled the internet community, including many Native English speakers.

*baffle: 당황하게 하다

[2]Final-year high school students all across South Korea took the exam Thursday, but many still cannot get over the difficulty of the English exam.

*get over: 극복하다, 잊어버리다.

[3]“It is almost as if they think that the most convoluted writing is the highest standard of the language,” one Twitter user said in reacting to a multiple-choice question from this year’s test.

*convoluted: 대단히 난해한

[4]One paragraph from this year’s tests began: “Heritage is concerned with the ways in which very selective material artefacts, mythologies, memories and traditions become resources for the present.”

*heritage: 유산

*artifact: 공예품

[5]According to an analysis by major Suneung preparation academy Jinhaksa, this year’s English test was more difficult than last year’s.

*academy: 학원, 교육기관

[6]“Unlike last year’s, the passages weren’t easy to comprehend and the answers were harder to find, which means mid-level students might have been pressed for time,” the analysis read.

*pressed for time: 시간이 모자란


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