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[팟캐스트] (270) 강서구 PC방 사건 피의자 ‘심신미약‘ 적용 논란, 롯데그룹 5년간 50조원 투자


진행자: 김다솔, Paul Kerry

1. Internet cafe murder case fuels debate on mental health and violent crimes

기사요약: 서울시 강서구 PC방에서 벌어진 아르바이트생 피살 사건으로 ‘심신미약’ 감형을 둘러싼 논란이 갈수록 뜨거워지고 있다.

[1] A heated debate on mental health and its link to violent crimes is underway after a murder suspect requested that his medical history be considered to mitigate punishment. He had been medically treated for depression before allegedly stabbing a man to death.

*heated debate: 격론, 열띤 논의
*mental health: 정신 건강
*mitigate: 완화하다, 경감시키다, 줄이다
*depression: 우울증

[2] Kim Seong-su, 29, is suspected of having stabbed a man to death at an internet cafe in western Seoul on Oct. 14. On Monday, he was sent to the Institute of Forensic Psychiatry in Gongju, South Chungcheong Province, for a monthlong examination of his mental state.

*stab: 찌르다
*monthlong: 한 달간 계속되는
*mental state: 정신상태

[3] According to security footage obtained by the police, Kim returned to the property with a weapon and stabbed the victim multiple times. Shin, an aspiring fashion model, was taken to a hospital where he died from the injuries.

*security footage: 감시카메라 영상 (CCTV 영상)
*aspiring: 장차 ~가 되려는 (i.e. fashion model wannabe)

[4] The suspect said both his body and mind had been “unwell” and impaired before committing the crime, as he had been clinically depressed.

*clinically: 임상적으로 (진단이 난)

[5] Many Korean criminals in the past have received mitigated sentences due to mental disorders or “impaired judgement,“ sparking public outrage.

*mental disorders: 정신 장애
*impaired judgement: 잘못된 판단 (impaired = 장애, 손상된, 제 기능을 못하는)
*public outrage: 사회적 분노, 공분


2. Lotte Group announces W50tr investment plan for next five years

기사요약: 롯데그룹이 향후 5년간 국내외 사업에 50조원을 투자하고 7만명을 고용하기로 했다. 신동빈 롯데그룹 회장이 경영에 복귀한 지 15일 만에 내놓은 대규모 투자•고용 계획이다.

[1] Lotte Group announced plans Tuesday to invest 50 trillion won ($44 billion) over the next five years, a move intended to quickly normalize the group’s business after its Chairman Shin Dong-bin returned to the helm after eight months away, upon being released from jail earlier this month.

*intended: 계획된, 의도된, 겨낭하는
*normalize: 정상화
*return to the helm: 업무로 복귀하다, 실권을 다시 잡다 (helm=배의 조정장치)

[2] The retail-to-chemicals giant said it plans to invest 12 trillion won in 2019, the largest investment amount for a single year.

*retail-to-chemicals giant: 유통부터 화학까지 아우르는 대기업
*invest: 투자하다

[3] In the next year, the group said the amount will be put to mainly strengthening the two pillars of the group’s business -- retail and chemicals -- such as by reinforcing online retail business with artificial intelligence and digital technology, as well as extending large-scale chemical production facilities in Korea, Indonesia and the US.

*strengthen: 강화하다 = reinforce
*pillar: 기둥, 기초
*production facilities: 생산 공장

[4] “The plan indicates our will to quickly normalize management activities that recently slowed, secure competitiveness for future growth and contribute to revitalizing the national economy,” Lotte said.

*indicate: 내비치다, 시사하다
*secure: 확보하다 / 확실한, 안전한
*contribute to: 기여하다
*revitalize: 재활성화, 새로운 활력을 주다

[5] The group said up to 40 percent of the investment will be injected to intensifying its chemicals and construction businesses, while 25 percent and another 25 percent put to retail and hotel businesses. The remaining 10 percent is to go to its food businesses, including confectioneries.

*inject: 투입하다, 더하다 / 주사하다
*intensify: 강화하다


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