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[팟캐스트] (269) 문재인 대통령 수소차 시승, 이병헌 시상식 우승


진행자 : 김보경, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. President Moon test rides Hyundai Nexo FCEV in Paris

기사요약: 프랑스를 국빈 방문 중인 문재인 대통령이, 현지시각 지난 일요일 오후 파리에서 현대자동차의 수소전기차인 넥쏘 시승 후, 투싼 수소전기차를 택시로 운행 중인 현지 택시 운전사가 투싼을 충전하는 과정을 지켜봤습니다.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in test rode the Hyundai Motor Nexo fuel cell electric vehicle during his state visit to France on Sunday afternoon and observed the charging process of a Tucson FCEV taxi.

* fuel cell electric vehicle: 수소전기차

This marked Moon’s second test ride on the Nexo SUV, following his firsthand experience of the SUV’s driverless technology in Seoul this February.

* firsthand experience: 직접 경험

South Korea’s No.1 carmaker Hyundai Motor is slated to sign a memorandum of understanding on Tuesday with French industrial gas supplier Air Liquide and ENGIE, a French electric utility company, to increase the number of hydrogen chargers and FCEVs there, according to the firm.

* slated to: 예정

* electric utility: 전기사업

As part of the agreement, Hyundai will supply 5,000 FCEVs in France by 2025, it added.

* As part of the ~: ~의 일환으로

After the test ride, Moon headed to Air Liquide’s first hydrogen charger built in Paris to attend a local taxi driver recharge his Tucson FCEV taxi.

* headed to~: ~로 갔다

As hydrogen-powered vehicles are steadily gaining industry attention for their short charging time of about three minutes and zero emissions, the number of Tucson FCEV taxis operated by French startup STEP has risen to 62 units, compared to 5 units in 2016.

* steadily: 점진적으로

* zero emissions: 무공해

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2.‘Mr. Sunshine’ Lee Byung-hun wins top prize at APAN Star Awards

기사요약: 미스터 썬샤인에 출연한 배우 이병헌이 APAN Star Awards에서 상을 거머쥐며 화려한 커리어에 또 하나의 상을 추가했습니다.

Actor Lee Byung-hun who starred in hit TV series “Mr. Sunshine” won big at this year’s APAN Star Awards, bringing home the grand prize.

*starred: 등장했다

*bringing home: 거머쥐다

Despite the category being one of the most hotly contested, the veteran actor managed to fend off competition from the likes of Kim Nam-joo from “Misty” and Jeon Seung-woo from “Life,” adding yet another award to his glittering career.

*fend off: 막아내다

*glittering: 반짝이는

During his acceptance speech, Lee said many staff and actors worked together for “Mr. Sunshine” and that he had a lot of people to thank.

*acceptance speech: 수상소감

“There were five main characters and I learned so much from them and also was proud of them as their senior,” the actor said.

* senior: 선배

Lee laughed as he quipped, “With the effort to make me look even one year younger, we managed to pull off a miracle.”

*quip: 재담

*pull off: 소화하다

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