LG’s V40 ThinQ smartphone to be priced at W1.04m

By Yonhap
  • Published : Oct 14, 2018 - 14:24
  • Updated : Oct 15, 2018 - 10:15

LG Electronics Inc. said Sunday that its latest V40 ThinQ flagship smartphone will come with a price tag of 1.04 million won ($917) in the domestic market.

The company said it will take preorders from Wednesday through Oct. 23 with the device to reach customers starting Oct. 24.

The company said to get people to order their phones in advance, it will offer to replace both the 6.4-inch display and rear panel free of charge within a year of the purchase. It said in the case of the back panel, users can change the color even if it is not broken.

(LG Electronics)

In addition, the tech giant pledged to set a price for used V40s two years after the purchase as part of its program to make it easier for users to upgrade to a new phone.

“If a V40 user turns in their device 18 or 24 months after their purchase, LG will buy the product at upward of 40 percent of the original price,” a corporate source said.

In addition preorder customers will get to pick a protective case for free, and four mobile games.

The new phone, meanwhile, comes with a total of five cameras with the three being rear-facing main shooters. This translates into people being able to capture various moments with different angles and depths of field.

With the upgraded artificial intelligence feature on the V40, the camera automatically suggests the best angles and effects and recognizes up to three people and adjusts the composition accordingly, the company said. (Yonhap)