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Firefighter booked for car accident and DUI

A firefighter was caught driving while drunk after smashing into five other cars.

Incheon Western District Police Station said Saturday that the firefighter in his 40s was booked without arrest for charges of driving under the influence of alcohol in Dangha-dong, Incheon, on Oct. 8. 


The accident had reportedly happened around 3:50 p.m. as the suspect tried to drive between lines of stationary traffic in the fifth and sixth lanes of a highway, resulting in a multiple-vehicle collision.

The suspect was tested as having a 0.118 percent blood alcohol level, which is subject to license revocation in South Korea. The firefighter has testified to drinking one bottle of soju over lunch, the police said.

The authorities have also pressed charges of vehicular assault against the driver for allegedly driving at a blood alcohol level surpassing 0.1 percent and inflicting minor injuries on people in the crashed cars.

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