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[팟캐스트] (267) ‘욱일기’ 논란에 답변 없는 일본 정부, 계속되는 인천 스쿨 미투


진행자 : 배현정, Kevin Lee Selzer

1.   Japan not budging on flag dispute: S. Korean ministry

기사 요약 :이달 제주해군기지에서 열리는 국제관함식 해상사열 때 논란의 욱일승천기 게양을 자제해달라는 대한민국 정부 요청에 일본 정부가 답신하지 않은 것으로 전해졌다.

[1] The Japanese government is maintaining its plan to fly the controversial Rising Sun flag during an upcoming navy event in South Korea, Seoul's foreign ministry said Tuesday.

*fly : 비행하다, 운송하다, 나부끼다, 게양하다
*Rising Sun flag : (일본 제국주의의) 욱일승천기

[2] Japan's Self-Defense Forces will send a warship to the International Fleet Review to be held at a military port on Jeju Island next week.

*Self-Defense Forces : (일본의) 자위대
*warship : 군함

[3] At issue is its plan to hoist the flag, which South Koreans regard as a symbol of Japan's imperialistic past.

*at issue : 논쟁 중인
*hoist : 끌어올리다
*imperialist : 제국주의적

[4] The matter has caused another diplomatic stand-off between two neighboring countries that have long been dogged by historical and territorial rows.

*diplomatic : 외교적
*stand-off : 교착상태
*dogged by~ : ~에 끌려다니다
*row : 의견 대립

[5] Korea was under brutal Japanese occupation from 1910-1945.  Seoul believes Japan has yet to atone for its wrongdoings.

*brutal : 잔혹한
*occupation : 점령
*atone for~ : ~을 속죄하다

기사 원문:

2.   Reports of sexual misconduct in schools continue in Incheon

기사 요약 : 교사나 학생들로부터 받은 성폭력과 성희롱 피해를 폭로하는 소위 스쿨 미투가 인천 지역 학교들에 확산되고 있다.

[1] Education authorities in Incheon are scrambling to deal with social media posts alleging sexual misconduct in the city’s schools.

*education authorities : 교육 당국자
*scramble to~ : ~하려고 허둥대다, 재빨리 움직이다
*allege : 혐의를 제기하다, 주장하다

[2] The #MeToo reports on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are mostly posts by students accusing teachers of verbal sexual harassment or sexual assault. They also say the schools are abetting such behaviors.

*accuse (somebody) of~ : ~로 고발하다
*abet : 사주하다, 방조하다

[3] When the #MeToo reports about Incheon schools first appeared on social media in early September, the Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education said it only looks into official reports made through the government’s online petition service. Only two complaints of sexual misconduct in schools had been filed with the online petition service at that time.

*petition : 청원
*look into : 살펴보다, 조사하다
*sexual misconduct : 부적절한 성적 행위

[4] The inspector’s office under the Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education also said that district offices of education are charged with looking into sexual misconduct reports and the inspector’s office does not intervene in the process.

*inspector : 조사관, 감독관
*intervene in~ : ~에 관여하다

기사 원문:
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