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Fans show mixed reactions toward Seo In-young’s return to entertainment scene

Some K-pop fans are up in arms over Seo In-young’s attempt to return to the entertainment scene.

Despite having apologized for a controversial video in which she was heard swearing and lashing out at staff members on a TV filming set, the singer continues to encounter criticism online.

Reports that she was recording music at a studio last week were bombarded with critical comments.

“Are you going to explode again if something doesn’t work out the way you want while recording?” one Naver user wrote in response to an article about Seo.

The singer encountered similar reactions when she was crowned “Queen of Trends” at the Soribada Best K-Music Awards in August.

“Queen of Trends?” one Naver user asked sarcastically. Others suggested that Seo work on her character first, before returning to the public eye.

But Seo, formerly of the girl band Jewelry, still has some loyal fans.

In an Instagram post from late August, the singer thanked fans for celebrating her birthday.

“My fans celebrate my birthday every year. You guys remind me of why I was born and what path I should take going forward. You teach me how to truly love someone,” the singer wrote.

“Happy, Happy Birthday baby!! With lots of good wishes and love,” one user wrote.

The angry public sentiment came about after video emerged last year of her verbally abusing staff members in Dubai, where she was filming a TV show.

Sounding angry, Seo swore and told staff members that she was about to explode. The reasons for her angry outburst are unknown.

Due to the controversial video, Seo closed her social media accounts and went on hiatus before returning to the music scene in August with the single “Close Your Eyes.”

Seo, who had deleted her Instagram account in the wake of the video incident last year, has opened another account, and now has just over 9,000 followers.

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