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[팟캐스트] (261) 이산가족 상봉 행사 2일차, 공정거래법 개정


진행자: 김다솔, Paul Kerry

1. War-separated families hold private meetings on 2nd day

기사 요약: 제 21차 남북 이산가족 1차 상봉의 이틀째 행사가 금강산 호텔에서 진행되었다.

[1] South and North Koreans participating in a reunion event for families separated by the 1950-53 Korean War held their first private meetings Tuesday, following group sessions a day before.

* reunion: 재회, 재결합

[2] Eighty-nine elderly South Koreans and 185 North Koreans, who were chosen as participants of the first round of a weeklong reunion event held at Kumgangsan Resort on the east coast of North Korea, embraced and held each other for the first time Monday since the war that divided the Korean Peninsula.

* weeklong: 일주일에 걸친
* embrace: 포옹하다

[3] The meetings started around 10:15 a.m. after the North Korean family members arrived at the resort, bearing gifts such as ginseng, Korean traditional seasonings and North Korean cosmetics, according to the South Korean press pool. Separate gift bags prepared by North Korean authorities included the country’s famous traditional blueberry wine.

* bear gifts: 선물을 주다
* traditional seasonings: 전통 양념

[4] The gifts were exchanged as the South Koreans handed their North Korean family members presents they had prepared back home.

* exchange: 교환하다

[5] They spent about three hours privately in their hotel rooms, with packed lunches delivered to the rooms. Though previous reunions often included private meetings in the itinerary, this is the first time they had organized meals in such manner.

* itinerary: 여행 일정표

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2. Prosecutors to investigate hardcore cartels without FTC accusation

기사 요약: 정부와 여당이 38년 만에 공정거래법을 전면 개정하기로 합의하면서 공정위가 갖고 있는 전속고발제를 폐지하고, 담합 과징금 한도를 최고 2배까지 올리기로 했다.

[1] South Korean prosecutors will have the authority to charge companies over hardcore cartels without accusations by the Fair Trade Commission, following a mutual agreement between the two organizations to abolish the national antitrust watchdog’s exclusive right to charge businesses, officials said Tuesday.

* charge: 고발하다, 기소하다
* hardcore: 강경한, 죄질이 무거운
* cartels: 카르텔 (이 기사의 경우 기업의 공동행위)
* accusations: 고발 (기사의 경우 ‘전속고발권’)
* mutual agreement: 공동 합의
* abolish: 폐지하다
* antitrust: 독점 금지
* exclusive: 독점적인

[2] In the current system, prosecutors can begin an investigation only if there is an official accusation by the FTC in the area of violation of fair trade laws.

* violation of fair trade law: 공정거래법 위반

[3] However, with growing complaints the antitrust authority has been too lenient in exercising its investigative power, President Moon Jae-in vowed during his election campaign in 2017 to abolish its exclusive right and distribute it to prosecutors.

* complaints: 불평사항들
* lenient: 관대하다
* exercise its investigative power: 수사권을 행사하다
* distribute: 분배하다

[4] “For hardcore cartels, the Ministry of Justice and the FTC have reached an agreement that prosecutors can investigate a case without an accusation from the FTC,” said Justice Minister Park Sang-ki during a ceremony Tuesday to sign an agreement on changes in the FTC’s investigative power.

* reach an agreement: 합의에 이르다
* investigate a case: 사건을 수사하다

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