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[팟캐스트] (260) ‘연이은 화재’ BMW 운행중지 명령, 안희정 전 충남지사 성폭력 혐의 1심 무죄


진행자 : 배현정, Kevin Lee Seizer

1. Transport Ministry orders recalled BMWs off the roads

기사 요약 : 최근에 화재 사고가 잇따르고 있는 BMW의 리콜 대상 차량들에 대해서 정부가 운행정지 명령을 내렸다.

[1] The South Korean government ordered BMW vehicles subject to recall off the roads if they have not gone through an emergency checkup after dozens of cars burst into flames this year.

*subject to~: ~의 대상인, ~이 적용되는
*recall: 소환, 회수
*checkup: 검진, 검사
*burst into~: ~을 터뜨리다, ~을 내뿜다

[2] In a nationally televised address, Transport Minister Kim Hyun-mee urged the head of municipalities to issue administrative orders to stop BMW drivers from using their vehicles, stressing escalating public safety issues related to the German cars. This is the first case of the government banning the operations of a specific model of car.

*televised: TV로 방송되는
*address: 성명
*urge: 촉구하다
*municipality: 지방자치단체
*administrative order: 행정명령
*stress: 강조하다
*escalate: 상승하다

[3] As of midnight Aug. 13, a total of 27,246 (BMW) vehicles hadn’t gone through vehicle checkups, according to the ministry.

"I request mayors, county governors and heads of wards to issue an order to enforce checkups and suspend operations of uninspected vehicles, in accordance with article 37 of the Automobile Management Act” said the minister.

*as of~: ~(시간) 기준으로
*ward: (행정지역)구
*suspend: 유예하다
*uninspected: 검사를 받지 않은
*in accordance with~ : ~에 따라

[4] The owners should go through safety checks and are banned from driving the vehicles if not for the purpose of inspections. The Transport Ministry holds no power to force drivers to stop operating their vehicles, but head of local governments have the right to do so, if there is a public safety reason.

*banned from~: ~을 금지당하는
*if not for~ : ~가 아니라면
*hold power to~ : ~할 권한을 지니다

기사 전문:

2. Former Gov. An Hee-jung found not guilty of sexual assault

기사 요약: 정무비서에게 위계에 의한 성폭력을 행사한 의혹을 받은 안희정 전 충남지사가 법원 1심 판결에서 무죄 판결을 받았다.

[1] A Seoul court acquitted former Gov. An Hee-jung on charges of sexual offenses against his secretary, Tuesday.

*acquit: 무죄를 선고하다

[2] Former South Chungcheong Province Gov. An was indicted in April on multiple charges, including several accounts of sexual intercourse by abuse of occupational authority against his former secretary, Kim Ji-eun. Prosecutors had requested a four-year prison term and therapy for An.

*indicted on~ : ~혐의로 기소되다
*occupational authority: 업무상 위계

[3] Noting it was possible to view An as a figure with occupational authority, as he is a famous politician who had been considered a potential presidential candidate, the judge said, “as a governor, he also has the power to influence the victim’s occupational position.”

*potential presidential candidate: 잠정적 대권 주자
*occupational position: 직업적 위치

[4] “But the case occurred between two adults capable of making judgment. And there is not enough evidence to show the defendant has wielded or abused his power or used his authority to pressure the victim.”

*wield: 행사하다
*pressure: 압박하다

기사 전문:

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