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[팟캐스트] (259) 중국의 위안부 관련 영화 '22,' KBS '페미니즘 관련 단어' 검열 논란

“Twenty Two” (Megabox)
“Twenty Two” (Megabox)
진행자: 윤민식, Kevin Lee Seizer

1. Fading voices of 22 comfort women to be shown in theaters

기사요약: 2014년, 중국에는 22명의 위안부 출신 피해자들이 생존해있었다. 영화 "22"는 이미 고령인 이들의, 어쩌면 마지막일 수도 있는 세상에 대한 메시지를 전달하고자 한다.

[1] When the documentary film “Twenty Two” started filming in 2014, there were 22 surviving “comfort women” -- euphemism for those forced into sexual slavery by Japan during World War II -- in China.

* filming: 영화 촬영
* euphemism: 완곡어구, 표현
* force into~: ~를 강제하다 (force A upon B: B에게 A를 강제하다)
* sexual slavery: 성노예

[2] As of 2018, only seven remain, and the film desperately attempts to capture what could be their last messages to the world on screen.

* as of ~: ~를 기점으로
* desperately: 간절하게 (<->nonchalantly: 무관심하게, 무심하게)
* on screen: 화면에 (silver screen: 은막=영화, small screen: TV)
* what could be ~: ~일 수도 있는 (what is possibly, what is potentially)

[3] “Twenty Two,” set for release here Tuesday, is directed by Ke Guo and tracks down the former comfort women living in China, two of whom are Koreans.

* set for: ~로 예정되어 있는
* track down: 추적하다

[4] The director just points the camera at the victims as they calmly recall their harrowing tales. He feels no need to dramatize the tragedy that occurred decades ago and is still buried deep within their withering bodies, leaving viewers to witness it through their eyes.

* recall: 회고하다
* harrowing: 참혹한, 끔찍한
* withering: 시들어가는, 죽어가는 (<-> lively: 생기있는)


2. Television network censors student’s feminism-related remarks

기사요약: KBS의 "도전 골든벨"이 한 학생의 페미니즘을 연상시키는 단어를 검열해 논란이 되고 있다. KBS는 이와 같은 행위에 대해 공영방송으로서 원칙을 지키기 위해서라고 해명했다.

[1] State broadcaster KBS blurred remarks related to feminism written by a high school student on a show, saying the action was taken to abide by the principles of a public broadcaster.

* state: 국가, 국가의 (state-run: 국영)
* blur: 흐리게 하다
* remark: 발언
* abide by ~: ~를 준수하다
* principle: 원칙

[2] “The Golden Bell Challenge” is a weekly quiz show that features a group of high school students who hold up whiteboards with answers on them in front of the camera.

* weekly: 매주마다 하는, 주간
* a group of ~: 한 무리의 ~

[3] The participating students often decorate the remaining empty space of the whiteboards with various phrases alluding to their aspirations or love for their family and friends.

* decorate: 장식하다
* allude to~: ~를 시사하다, 암시하다
* aspiration: 열망, 포부

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