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Spy-cam footage of teenage girls traded via Tumblr

Hidden-camera clips showing teenagers’ legs and other body parts are being traded on Tumblr, adding to a series of digital sex crime reports to spark public debate and rallies demanding a wider police investigation.

Teenage girls wearing the uniform of a high school in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, are filmed in a short video clip posted on a Tumblr account, with a message reading: “Teaser clip for OO high school. For sales or exchange, please message me.”


The seven-second clip shows the girls in a cosmetics shop.

Another Tumblr user posted a short clip showing a teenager wearing a school uniform skirt seated in what appears to be a karaoke room.

The user wrote: “Secretly filmed. Can exchange image. High school kid. Uniform.”

The account had multiple posts of spy-cam footage showing girls’ legs, to which many users had posted messages requesting a private follow-up.

A Twitter account with a name that roughly translates into “team for public awareness of illegal filming of minors” wrote that they found on Google illegally filmed footage of high school students in Suwon.

“We found that the footages have been distributed and traded since 2014, and that secondary victimization has also taken place since then. We decided to make this public as we believe it is a serious sex crime,” the team wrote.

The team added that they will lodge a complaint with police and other related government agencies to investigate the distributor of the clips and block the spy-cam footage posts.

By Kim So-hyun (