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[팟캐스트](255) 한국-인도 정상회담, 스타벅스 코리아 “연내 플라스틱 빨대 퇴출”

진행자: 김다솔, Paul Kerry

Korea and India agree to strengthen ties

기사요약:  문재인 대통령은 나렌드라 모디 인도 총리와 정상회담에서 교역 확대와 인적교류 활성화 등이 담긴 열 일곱개 항의 비전 성명을 채택했다. 여기에 2030년까지 두 나라 교역액을 지금보다 두배 반 늘어난 5백억불을 달성하기로 약속했다.

[1] President Moon Jae-in and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a summit meeting in New Delhi on Tuesday, and adopted a joint declaration that outlines increased cooperation in a wide range of areas.

* summit meeting: 정상 회담
* adopted: 채택하다
* joint declaration: 공동 선언
* outline: 개요로 하다, 윤곽을 잡다
* increased cooperation: 협력 증대

[2] The declaration, titled “A Vision for People, Prosperity, Peace and our Future,” is the first of its kind to be adopted by the two countries, Cheong Wa Dae said.

* prosperity: 번영
* first of its kind: 최초의

[3] The joint statement, in which Korea is described as “indispensable partner” for India‘s Act East policy and India as “central pillar” of Moon’s New Southern Policy, states that Korea and India will build a “future oriented partnership for people, prosperity and peace.”

* joint statement: 공동 선언문
* indispensable: 없어서는 안될, 필수적인 (=mandatory)
* central pillar: 핵심이 되는 부분. 기둥 (다리, 건물 지붕 등을 받치는 기둥)
* oriented: ~지향하는

[4] The two countries will also cooperate in rapidly increasing trade, with the aim of raising trade volume to $50 billion by 2030, from the current $20 billion.

* rapidly: 빠르게
* trade volume: 무역량

[5] Moon dedicated much of his stay in India to business and economic issues, attending a business forum and the opening ceremony of Samsung Electronics’ new plant south of New Delhi on Monday.

* dedicated: 바치다, 전념하다
* new plant: 신규 생산 공장

기사 전문:

Starbucks Korea vows to go greener, plastic-free

기사 요약: 국내 1위 커피 전문점 스타벅스는 플라스틱 빨대 퇴출 계획을 밝혔다. 오는 9월까지 일부 매장에서 종이 빨대를 시범 도입한 뒤 이르면 올해 안에 전국 1180개 매장에서 플라스틱 빨대를 완전히 사용하지 않겠다는 것이다. 얼음을 넣은 아이스 음료의 경우 빨대 없이 마실 수 있는 컵 뚜껑을 도입할 방침이다.

[1] Acting in tandem with the global coffee giant’s headquarters, Starbucks Korea announced Tuesday that it will kick off the “Greener Starbucks” campaign to go plastic-free at all of its stores nationwide.

* Acting in tandem: 나란히, 동시에 협력하여
* global coffee giant: 글로벌 커피 대기업
* plastic-free: 플라스틱이 없는 (=zero-plastic)

[2] According to the company, it will gradually introduce paper straws at all of its 1,180 stores across the country. It will also adopt specially designed paper cup lids for cold drinks so customers do not need to use straws.

* gradually: 점차적으로
* adopt: 도입하다
* cup lid: 컵 뚜껑

[3] The company said at least 180 million 21-centimeter-long plastic straws are used at its stores in Korea annually. Through the environmentally friendly campaign, the company expects some 126 tons of plastic will be reduced annually at its stores here. In addition, plastic coffee stirrers and wrapping vinyl for packing merchandise will be substituted with biodegradable materials.

* environmentally friendly: 친환경적인
* plastic coffee stirrers: 플라스틱 커피 스틱
* wrapping vinyl: 포장 비닐
* substituted with: 대체하다
* biodegradable: 자연분해되는

[4] To boost consumers’ participation, Starbucks Korea said it would upgrade membership benefits, such as giving a 300 won (27 cent) discount to those who bring personal mugs or tumblers to the store.

* boost: 북돋우다, 신장시키다

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