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[Best Brand] Vivaldi Park featuring new attractions

Vivaldi Park is adding more fun experiences to its repertoire by adding new attractions, including the first “horror experience-type water slide” in Korea.

Pharaoh‘s Tower, will open late June at Vivaldi Park Ocean World and will have the horror theme park attractions of Pharaoh’s Maze on the first floor and Double Spin, Double Tornado water slides on the third floor.

Double Spin is a four-person slide which boasts a bobsled-level high speed while Double Tornado has the riders plummet down a funnel-shape slide.

Vivaldi Park also features K1 Speed, which marks the first of its kind in Asia. The indoor race track is 3,057 square-meters and has a 202-meter-long track. Up to 10 customers can drive the electric-powered carts at the maximum speed 30 kmh.

Luge World allows the customers to ride luge on a track that is 833 meters long. It is particularly enjoyable at night, when riders can speed through the colorfully lit park.

Users have to be above 110 centimeters in height and aged 10 or older. Those who do not meet the criteria must ride with a guardian, and children under 36-months of age are not permitted on the ride.