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[팟캐스트] (252) 통일부 “남북 이산가족 상봉 적십자회담 주요안건으로”, WHO 게임장애 국제질병분류 등재


진행자: 김다솔, Kevin

1. Reunion of separated families priority for Red Cross talks (20일자 3면)

기사 요약: 통일부는 오는 22일로 예정된 남북적십자회담에서 8•15 이산가족 상봉 행사를 추진하는 데 주력하겠다고 밝혔다.

[1] South Korea’s Ministry of Unification on Tuesday said that reunion of families separated by the 1950-53 Korean War will be top of the agenda for the Red Cross talks scheduled this Friday.

*Ministry of Unification: 통일부
*reunion of families separated by ~: ~로 인해 흩어지게 된 가족들의 재결합
*top of the agenda: 최대의 현안, 가장 중요한 안건

[2] It is also expected to exchange delegation rosters with North Korea ahead of the talks, which will be held at the North’s Kumgangsan, a ministry official said.

*delegation roster: 대표단 명단
*ahead of: (공간상으로) ~앞에 = before, prior to

[3] During a high-level meeting on June 1, the two Koreas agreed to hold Red Cross talks to revive the reunion of separated families. The last reunion event was held in 2015.

*high-level meeting: 수뇌 회담, 고위급 회담
*revive: 되살리다 = restore, recover

[4] South Korea is expected to continue negotiations for the reunion event, as the old age of the separated family members has government officials and politicians calling for urgent action.

*negotiations: 협상, 교섭, 절충, 협의 = compromise, mediation
*call for ~: ~를 필요로 하다, 요하다, 청하다 = ask for
*urgent action: 긴급 조치

기사 전문:

2. WHO says game addiction is mental disorder in final disease classification draft

기사 요약: 세계보건기구가 게임장애(게임중독, gaming disorder)를 의학적 치료가 필요한 중독성 장애 중 하나로 지정하겠다는 의지를 공식화했다.

[1] The World Health Organization has recognized game addiction as a mental disorder in its latest version of the revised 11th International Classification of Diseases released Monday, drawing backlash from the gaming industry and medical professionals worldwide, including Korea’s.

*recognize A as B: 인정하다, 인식하다 = acknowledge, realize, admit, identify
*mental disorder: 정신 장애, 정신병
*latest version: 가장 최근 버전
*draw backlash: 반발을 초래하다, 항의를 불러 일으키다

[2] Though technically a draft, the ICD-11 in its present state is the final copy that will be considered for official endorsement upon discussion by the WHO’s decision-making body, the World Health Assembly, in May 2019.

*technically: 엄밀히 따지면, (구어체에서는 technically speaking)
*draft: 원고, 초안
*official endorsement: 공식적인 승인, 지지, 보증
*decision-making body: 결정을 내리는 부서, 기관

[3] It describes gaming disorder as a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior, characterized by impaired control over gaming, increasing priority given to gaming over other life interests, and gaming activities and continued gaming despite negative consequences.

*gaming disorder: 게임 사용 장애/ 게임 장애 (게임에 대한 통제력이 약화되거나 게임을 다른 것들보다 우선순위에 두는 패턴)
*persistent: 끊임없이 지속 (반복) 되는
*recurrent: 되풀이되는
*impaired control over A: A에 대한 통제가 손상되다
*priority given to A over B: B보다 A에 더 중점을 주다, 우위를 두다
*negative consequences: 부정적인 결과

[4] The ICD-11 has been igniting controversy since the WHO released a beta draft in December 2017. The addition of gaming disorder as well as its definitions have been criticized for being too vague and scientifically premature.

*ignite controversy: 논쟁에 불을 붙이다
*beta draft: 베타 초안
*vague: 애매모호한
*scientifically premature: 과학적으로 미성숙한 = 과학적으로 입증이 안된

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