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[팟캐스트] (250) 지방선거 앞두고 혐오 범죄 증가, 검찰 ‘장자연 케이스’ 재수사 착수


진행자: 김다솔, Paul Kerry

1. Political hate crimes spike as elections near (6일자 3면)

기사 요약: 613 지방선거가 다가오면서 선거 유세를 펼치고 있는 특정 정치인들을 향한 증오에 의한 범죄가 증가하고 있다.

[1] A series of attacks on politicians have taken place in South Korea, heightening concerns about a rise in hate crimes as local elections close in.

* hate crime: 증오에 의한 범죄, 혐오 범죄
* a series of attacks: 일련의 공격, 연달은 공격
* heightening concerns: 우려가 높아지다
* a rise in hate crimes: 혐오 범죄의 증가
* close in: 가까워지다, 다가오다 (=nears, approaches)

[2] Daegu Metropolitan City mayor Kwon Young-jin of the main conservative opposition Liberty Korea Party who is running again for mayor was attacked on Thursday in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, by a middle-aged woman while campaigning.

* the main conservative opposition: 제 1 보수정당 (자유한국당)
* running again for mayor: 시장직에 재출마하다

[3] The latest major violent incident involved an attack on Jeju Governor Won Hee-ryong, who is running for re-election, by a protester who was watching Won’s open debate last month on a new international airport on the island. The male protestor threw an egg at Won and slapped him on the cheek.

* latest major violent incident: 가장 최근에 일어난 주요 폭력 사건
* running for re-election: 재선에 출마하다

[4] Also earlier last month, Rep. Kim Sung-tae, floor leader of the Liberty Korea Party who is known for his conservatism and outspoken views against the Moon Jae-in administration, was assaulted by a 31-year-old male known by his last name Kim.

* outspoken views: 거침없는 견해 (=straightforward, bold, candid)
* assaulted: 폭행했다

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2. Prosecution reopens Jang Ja-yeon sexual abuse case (6일자 3면)

기사 요약: 검찰이 9년 전에 종결된 여배우 장자연 성상납 의혹 케이스에 대한 재수사를 착수하겠다고 발표했다.

[1] The prosecution said Tuesday it is reinvestigating the controversial sexual abuse case involving the late actress Jang Ja-yeon. The initial investigation into the case concluded nine years ago amid criticism that it failed to punish any of the alleged suspects.

* reopens: 재개하다
* late actress: 고인이 된 여배우
* initial investigation: 초동수사
* alleged suspects: 혐의를 받고 있는 용의자 (alleged=추정되는)

[2] The move comes after a special independent panel at the Ministry of Justice looking into past rulings recommended late last month to reinvestigate the case before the statute of limitations against one of the suspects -- a journalist-turned-politician -- runs out on Aug. 4.

* special independent panel: 특별 수사팀 (독립적인 합의체)
* statute of limitations: 공소 시효
* journalist-turned-politician: 전직 기자였던 정치인
* run out: 다되다, 다하다 i.e.) my luck has run out

[3] The investigation is being led by chief prosecutor Hong Jong-hee at the Seoul Central District Court’s Office, and all records of the case that were kept in the Suwon District Prosecutors’ Office were transferred to Seoul, according to the prosecution.

* Seoul Central District Court’s Office: 서울중앙지법
* transferred to: (기관 간의 맥락에서는) 이관되다, 이전되다, 전출되다

[4] In 2009, the rookie actress, who was starring in the popular KBS drama series “Boys Over Flowers,” took her own life. She left behind seven pages of handwritten notes, which allegedly revealed that she had been forced by the head of her agency to provide sexual favors to high-profile media executives.

* rookie actress: 신예 여배우
* sexual favors: 성상납
* high-profile media executives: 고위직의 방송계 간부

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