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[팟캐스트] (249) 법원 “육체노동자 정년, 60세 아닌 65세”, 유튜브 음악청취 앱 1위

진행자: 임정요, Paul Kerry

1. Court recognizes 65 as retirement age for physical workers

기사요약: 육체노동자의 은퇴연령을 기존의 60세에서 65세로 연장한 법원의 최근 판례가 주목을 받고 있다. 서울지방법원은 불의의 사고로 택시운전을 그만둬야 한 노동자의 항소를 받아들이며 그 이유로 평균수명 증가, 기업 정년 60세로 확대, 연금수급연령 65세, 실질 은퇴연령 72세를 근거로 들었다.

[1] With longer average life expectancy, courts are increasingly recognizing 65, instead of 60, as the retirement age for physical workers. Until recently, courts have followed a Supreme Court precedent in 1989 that saw 60 as the retirement age for laborers.

* life expectancy: 수명
* recognize: 인정하다
* Until recently: 최근까지

[2] The Seoul Central District Court said on Tuesday that it ruled in favor of a traffic accident victim who appealed that he should receive more compensation as he could have worked until the age of 65 had it not been for the injury. A lower court had calculated the indemnities based on the assumption that he would have earned wages until the age of 60.

* rule in favor of: ~의 편을 들다
* appeal: 항소하다, 청원하다
* indemnity: 보상금

[3] The appellate court ordered a federation of bus operators nationwide to pay 388.6 million won ($358,000) to the plaintiff whose spleen was ruptured and ribs were broken when his car collided with a bus. The plaintiff was 29 at the time of the accident.

*ruptured spleen 비장파열

[4] The court noted how the age at which people can start receiving basic pension payments has been raised to 65. It would be contradictory to say one can only work until the age of 60 when the state has officially excluded people below the age of 65 from the basic pension payment as they are believed to be capable of earning income, the court said.

* contradictory: 모순되다

기사 전문:

2. YouTube becomes Korea’s top-used app for music as well

기사요약: 한국인이 가장 많이 쓰는 동영상 재생 및 음악 청취 어플로 유튜브가 1위를 차지했다.  

[1] YouTube is South Korea’s top-used mobile app for not only streaming online videos, but also listening to music, according to new survey results recently released by the Korea Internet Corporations Association.

* top-used, most-used: 가장 많이 쓰이는
* released: 발표되다

[2] The “Mobile Service User Behavior Survey” was jointly carried out by the internet business body and Research & Research. It asked 1,000 people between the ages of 15 and 60 about their mobile service usage patterns and app preferences.

* jointly: 공동으로
* preference: 기호

[3] According to the survey, the top mobile app activities users engaged in were “watching videos” (87.5 percent), “listening to music” (73.9 percent), “using financial services” (78.9 percent) and “product purchases” (79.5 percent).

* engaged in: 관여하다

[4] Unsurprisingly, YouTube was found to be the most popular app for streaming videos, including movies and TV programs. And the app’s dominance appears to have now expanded into the music realm, as more people were found to prefer YouTube over music streaming services for listening to music.

* unsurprisingly: 놀랍지 않게도, 당연히도
* dominance: 우세
* expand: 확장하다
* prefer: 선호하다

기사 전문:
Korea Herald Youtube