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[팟캐스트] (248) MSG, 화학조미료 오명 벗다, 유투브 인기 커버송 가수 탑5

진행자: 김보경, Anita McKay

1. Foodmakers fight the MSG fiction

[1] At restaurants in South Korea, one can easily find lists explaining the origins of ingredients. And next to that, there are usually notifications that say, “We do not use MSG in our food.”

* origins: 기원, 근원
* notification: 알림, 통지

[2] Monosodium Glutamate, also known as MSG, is a type of seasoning that was widely used in the early 20th century but began to be chastised as an “enemy of health” around the 1970s and 1980s.

* seasoning: 양념
* chastise: 꾸짖다

[3] A 2016 survey conducted on some 1,000 working mothers across the country found that 61 percent believed MSG is unhealthy.

MSG was first discovered in 1907 by a Japanese chemistry professor, Kikuna Ikeda. He studied what made dashi -- a seaweed broth commonly used in Japanese cuisine -- so tasty.

* broth: 육수
* cuisine: 요리법

[4] From broth, Ikeda isolated the chemical acid monosodium glutamate that was responsible for the savory flavor, or “umami” in Japanese. It was something that could not be categorized into salty, sweet, sour or bitter. The acid could even be turned into crystals that people could sprinkle on food.

*isolate: 분리
* savory: 맛좋은, 향긋한
* crystals: 결정체
* sprinkle: 뿌리다

[5] He patented the method for extracting MSG and began selling MSG commercially. He launched the brand Ajinomoto and later sold its technology to Korea’s Dong-A Hwa Sung -- what is now Daesang Corp. -- which made a flavor enhancer, Miwon.

*patent: 특허
*extract: 발췌
* commercially: 상업적으로
* flavor enhancer: 화학 조미료

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2. Top 5 artists best known for cover songs in Korea

[1] South Koreans are known for their love for singing. Singing competition programs are always favored by the local audience, while some of them take part in the shows and rise to stardom themselves.

* take part: 참가
* rise to stardom: 스타덤에 오르다

[2] To those who missed the chance to appear on TV, YouTube has become another outlet to show off their heavenly voices. Here is a list of the talented YouTube singers in Korea, who are best known for cover songs.

*outlet: 발산 수단
* show off: 뽐내다
* heavenly voices: 천상의 목소리

[3] 5. Lim Han-byul (118,129 subscribers)

Once a member of the K-pop group Monday Kiz, Lim Han-byul is now better known as a YouTube singer in Korea.

* better known as A: A로서 더 잘 알려지다

[4] Lim’s channel only has 24 videos so far, but each clip has garnered a massive amount of hits. The most popular one, which Lim covered Yoon Jong-shin’s mega-hit song “Like It,” recorded over 3.6 million views.

Besides the cover songs, Lim recently released “Stand by You,” a soundtrack for JTBC’s drama “Misty.”

* garner: 지지 등을 얻다
* massive: 엄청난

[5] 4.Migyo

A female vocalist MIGYO launched her YouTube channel in 2016, but it was in 2014 that she made her official debut as a member of K-pop group Bob Girls. After the group disbanded in 2015, the singer changed her name to MIGYO and kicked off a solo career.

* vocalist: 가수
*disband: 해체

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