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[팟캐스트] (246) 두아 리파 내한, NBA 플레이오프

진행자: 윤민식, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. 두아 리파, 서울서 첫 내한 콘서트

기사요약: 지난 주말 영국의가수 두아 리파가 첫 내한공연을 가졌다. 2017년 앨범 [Deluxe]로 데뷔한 리파는 폭발적인 가창력으로 인기를 끌고 있다.


팟빵 (안드로이드):

Dua Lipa ‘rules’ first solo concert in Seoul

[1] Just like her first name, which means “love” in Albanian, Dua Lipa’s first solo concert in Seoul overflowed with love and passion, as the 22-year-old London-born artist repeatedly blurted out “I love you so much” to screaming fans.

* just like ~: ~와 똑같이 (similar to~: ~와 비슷하게, contrary to: ~에 반해서)

* overflow with ~: ~로 넘치다

* blurt out: 불쑥 내뱉다 (ponder: 숙고하다)

[2] There was no fixed choreography for her songs, but the perpetual motions of her arms and legs throughout the 90-minute set showed how much the singer -- whose hair was slightly disheveled from headbanging and perspiration --was enjoying her sold-out show in Seoul on Sunday.

* fixed: 고정된

* choreography: 안무, 연출

* perpetual: 끊이지 않고 계속되는 (<->temporary:일시적인)

* disheveled: 머리가 헝크러진

* perspiration: 땀을 흘리는 것

[3] And most importantly, the “New Rules” singer did not allow the estimated 2,000-strong crowd to take their eyes off her even for a second, with her Adele-level vocal prowess paired with indomitable swagger.

* estimated: ~로 추정되는 (around ~: 대략 ~의)

* prowess: 기량(솜씨) (=ability)

* paired with: ~와 병행하여(=coupled with)

* indomitable: 불굴의


2. 르브론 제임스, 캐벌리어스, 토론토 격파

기사요약: NBA플레이오프에서 르브론 제임스와 클리블랜드 캐벌리어스가 동부 컨퍼런스 1위 토론토 랩터스를 4경기만에 격파하고 동부컨퍼런스 결승에 올랐다. 1차전에서 진땀승을 거둔 캐벌리어스는 여전히 훌륭한 활약을 펼친 제임스 외에 다른 선수들까지 고른 경기력을 보이며 객관적인 전력의 열세를 뒤집고 나머지 경기를 손쉽게 승리, 시리즈를 따냈다.


팟빵 (안드로이드):

LeBroom: James, Cavs sweep Raptors to make conference finals

[1] Once the sweeping was done, LeBron James peeled off his jersey and headed toward the locker room. He stopped on the way to share a moment with his two sons, who held basketballs while patiently waiting to take some shots.

James hugged his kids and rubbed their heads. He treated the Toronto Raptors the same way.

Child's play.

* sweep: 쓸다. 시리즈에서 한 경기도 지지 않고 전승하는 것. (nail-biter: 팽팽한 승부)

* peel off: 껍질을 벗기다, (옷 따위를) 벗다

* on the way to ~: ~로 향하는 길에

* child's play: 애들 장난, 애들 장난처럼 쉬운 것.

[2] James ended Toronto’s season for the third straight season with a second consecutive four-game sweep as Cavs advanced to the Eastern Conference finals for the fourth year in a row with a 128-93 win in Game 4 on Monday night.

Pushed to the max for seven games by Indiana in the first round, the Cavs took care of Toronto quickly -- again.

* straight: 연속적인 (= consecutive,

* ~in a row: ~연속으로

* pushed to the max: 한계까지 몰아붙혀지다 (pushed to the brink of ~:~직전까지 몰아붙혀지다)

* take care of ~: 처리하다



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