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[팟캐스트] (242) 김정은 북미회담 공식 언급, 트와이스 신보


진행자: 윤민식, Paul Kerry

1. 김정은, 북미대화 공식언급

기사요약: 북한의 김정은 국무위원장이 최근 북미 정상회담 개최에 대한 합의가 이뤄진 이후 처음으로 북미대화를 공식언급했다. 북한언론에 공개된 바에 다르면 김정은 위원장이 3년 만에 공개된 노동당 정치국 회의에서 당면한 남북관계와 북미 대화 전망을 심도있게 분석 평가했다고 한다.

[1] North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has briefed top ruling party officials on the prospects for dialogue with the United States, the North’s state media said Tuesday. It marks Kim’s first official comment on the diplomatic overtures he has made toward Seoul and Washington since January.

* brief: 보고하다, 설명하다 (<-> debrief)

* ruling party: 여당

* prospect: 전망

* dialogue: 대화

* overture: 접근

[2] Kim gave a “profound analysis and appraisal” of inter-Korean ties and potential talks with the US at a meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea held Monday, according to the Korean Central News Agency.

* profound: 깊은, 심오한

* appraisal: 평가, 판단 (=assessment, evaluation)

* potential: 잠재적인

* Workers’ Party of Korea: 조선로동당

* Korean Central News Agency: 조선중앙방송

[3] Hours before the report was released, US President Donald Trump said he plans to meet with Kim next month or in early June to “hopefully” reach a deal on the “de-nuking of North Korea.”

* was to~: ~할 예정이었다

* reach a deal: 합의하다 (=agree on~)



2, 트와이스 신보 발표

기사요약: 걸그룹 트와이스가 신보 "What is Love"로 컴백해 돌풍을 일으키고 있다.

[1] After talking about the feeling of love with “Heart Shaker” last winter, Twice is back with a question about love this time: “What is Love?”

* talk about ~: ~에 대해 논하다

[2] On Monday, the chart-topping girl group returned with its fifth EP “What is Love?” fronted by a lead track of the same name.

* chart-topping: 차트의 톱에 오르는, 잘나가는

* fronted by ~: ~를 앞에 나세우고

* lead track: 타이틀 곡

[3] Twice is arguably one of the busiest and most successful K-pop acts to date. Since releasing its first single “Like Ooh-Ahh” in 2015, the nine-piece act has seen all of its albums appear within the top 15 of Billboard’s world albums chart with its high-energy bubblegum sound.

* arguably: (충분한 근거를 갖고) 주장하건대, 거의 틀림없이(흔히 비교급이나 최상급 형용사 앞에 나옴) (<-> indisputably, definitely)

* high-energy: 에너지 넘치는

* bubblegum sound (bubblegum pop): 어린 연령층에 어필하는 밝고 활기찬 대중가요


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