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[팟캐스트] (240) 인천공항 미세먼지로 인한 항공기 회항·지연, DMZ 페스티벌 북한 예술 공연단 초청 검토


진행자: 김보경, Paul Kerry

1. 인천공항 미세먼지로 인한 저시정으로 항공기 회항·지연

기사 요약: 인천국제공항에 짙은 안개가 끼면서 항공편이 잇따라 결항 또는 지연됐다. 인천공항에는 일요일 오후 7시 50분께 낮은 가시거리 경보가 내려졌다. 이로 인해 미국 애틀랜타에서 출발해 인천공항에 도착할 예정이던 델타항공 항공기 1편이 일본 오사카 간사이 공항으로 회항하는 등 항공기 11편이 오사카·김포·제주 등으로 회항했다.

기사 전문:

Poor visibility delays dozens of flights at Incheon airport

[1] Dozens of flights have been delayed at Incheon’s international airport due to bad weather, the Incheon Airport said Monday.

*dozen: 다스
*delay: 지연되다

[2] The airport said smog had hampered flights from taking off or landing, with around 100-200 meters visibility recorded since Sunday evening.

*hamper: 방해하다

[3] A warning on low visibility has been issued at 7:50 p.m. on Sunday and has not been lifted as of 1 p.m. Monday, the airport said. The Seoul Regional Aviation Administration issues warnings when the visibility falls below 400 meters.

*lifted: 해지되다
*issue: 발령하다

[4] Eleven flights including a Delta Air Lines flight that departed from Atlanta en route to Incheon, had to fly back or divert to nearby airports including Osaka’s Kansai Airport, Seoul’s Gimpo and Jeju Airport. Eleven flights were also delayed from taking off at Incheon Airport due to bad weather conditions as of 1 p.m.

* en route: (어디로 가는) 도중에
* divert: 우회시키다

[5] The Korea Aviation Meteorological Agency said this situation expected to be normalized later in the day as the temperature rises.

*normalize: 정상화

2. DMZ 페스티벌 6월 첫 개최, 북한 예술 공연단 초청 검토

기사 요약: 올해 6월 서울과 강원도에서 열릴 'DMZ 피스트레인 뮤직 페스티벌'에 북한 예술단 참여가 검토된다.
올해 처음 열리는 이 행사는 평창동계올림픽에서 조성된 남북관계 해빙 분위기를 이어가자는 취지에서 기획됐다.

기사 전문:

North Koreans may perform at DMZ music fest in June

[1] A North Korean art troupe might take part in an upcoming music festival to be held in Seoul and near the Demilitarized Zone in Gangwon Province.

* troupe: 공연단
* upcoming: 다가오는

[2] The organizers of the DMZ Peace Train Music Festival said Tuesday they are considering officially inviting North Korean musicians to the event at the end of April.

* considering: 고려 중이다

[3] “While nothing has been set yet, we are planning to send an invitation to the North after the South-North summit, scheduled for the end of April,” said Gangwon Province Gov. Choi Moon-soon at a press conference for the DMZ fest on Tuesday.

*has been set: 정해지다
*yet: 아직

[4] “The organizers will also give prior notice of the event to the North so that it doesn’t mistake the festival sound for that of artillery.“

* prior: 사전
* artillery: 대표

[5] The festival, co-organized by Martin Elbourne, the main stage curator of England‘s Glastonbury Festival, and Lee Dong-yeon, a professor at Korea National University of Arts, will run from June 21-24.

* run: 진행되다

[6] The co-organizers explained that the festival, which will be held annually, intends to continue the mood of a thaw in tense inter-Korean relations, which has been gaining traction since the North’s participation in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in February.

* annually: 매년
* intend: 의도하다
* thaw: 녹다
* tense: 신경이 날카로운
* gain traction: 관심을 얻다

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