[PyeongChang 2018] Father says 'American dream' after daughter's gold in halfpipe

By Yonhap
  • Published : Feb 13, 2018 - 14:50
  • Updated : Feb 13, 2018 - 14:50

PYEONGCHANG -- Kim Jong-jin, father of new Olympic champion snowboarder Chloe Kim, said Tuesday it was a dream come true when his daughter claimed the gold medal in the women's halfpipe at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

It was an American dream.

"I've dreamed about this," said Kim, speaking after his daughter's gold medal run. "My dream came true. American dream."

Kim immigrated to the United States in 1982. His support and devotion to Chloe were so famous that it was even made into a television advertisement and was aired during Super Bowl broadcast.

Kim said it was very special to watch his daughter winning an Olympic gold medal in Korea, the country where he was born.

"Her blood is 100 percent Korean even though she was born in the US, and was educated in the US, but blood is blood," he said. "Not many people have this kind of opportunity. Everybody has your origin. So it's very special."

Before Chloe made history with her gold -- becoming the youngest American to win an Olympic snowboard event, Kim texted her that it's time to be a dragon. Chloe was born in the year of dragon according to the Chinese zodiac.

US snowboarder Chloe Kim (C) hugs her mother as her father, Kim Jong-jin (R), stands next to her after she won the gold medal in the women`s halfpipe at the PyeongChang Olympics at Phoenix Snow Park in PyeongChang, Gangwon Province, on Feb. 13, 2018. (Yonhap)

"She became a dragon with a golden marble," he said. "This is just what I've imagined."

Kim quit his job almost a decade ago to help support his daughter's dream. He said that any parent would do the same for their children.

"I'm just a normal father," he said. "But not all children bring results, but I'm so thankful that my daughter did it."

As for Chloe's future, Kim said he wants his daughter to live like any other teenager.

"I don't know how long Chloe will snowboard, but I hope she can go to college and study hard as a student, too," he said. "I also want her to live with fun."

And like any father of a teenager, Kim said he wants Chloe to be more friendly to him.

"Sometimes she's so tough on me," he said. "I don't really get to talk her in person that much. After all, she's a teenage girl."(Yonhap)