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[팟캐스트](217) 부산 국제영화제, 박근혜 대통령 ‘정치복수’ 발언

진행자: 임정요, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. Upbeat but tainted by scandal: Roundup of Busan Film Fest weekend

기사요약: 지난 12일 개막한 제22회 부산국제영화제(BIFF·이하 부국제)가 전반부 굵직한 행사들을 성공리에 마쳤다. 문재인 대통령이 현직 대통령 중 최초로 부국제 현장을 찾으며 화제성도 챙겼다.

팟빵 (안드로이드):

[1] The 22nd edition of the Busan International Film Festival, running through Oct. 21, was in full swing over the weekend. Cinemagoers say the overall mood had been significantly more festive than that of the previous year, when a political struggle and boycott clouded the festival.

*in full swing: 무르익은
*cinemagoer: 영화 관람객
*overall: 전반적인
*festive: 축제 분위기의
*cloud: 먹구름이 끼다

[2] “The programming is richer, and you can tell how much effort went into planning,” said Park Yoon-seon, 28, who worked at BIFF four years ago and attends every year. “There are more films, more guests and more interest in the festival this year compared to last year.”

*rich: 풍부하다
*can tell: 알 수 있다

[3] Favorable weather conditions Friday and Saturday have helped as well, said Lee Seung-yoon, 30, a copywriter who also attends BIFF every year. Though light rain poured throughout Sunday, the rest of the week is expected to see a lot of sun.

*favorable: 좋은, 우호적인

[4] “Last year, the atmosphere was quite bleak. The sets at BIFF Village in Haeundae had collapsed from the storm,” said Lee. “This year feels much more upbeat and energetic.”

*bleak: 암울한
*upbeat: 긍정적인, 낙관적인


2. Park calls trial ‘political vendetta,’ attorneys resign en masse

기사요약: 박근혜 전 대통령이 자신의 구속 연장 결정이 ‘정치보복’이라고 주장하며 사실상 재판 보이콧을 선언했다. 전 대통령의 이 같은 발언은 재판부 불신을 공개 표명한 것으로, 여당과 야당에 파장을 일으켰다.

팟빵 (안드로이드):

[1] Former President Park Geun-hye, who is standing trial over the corruption scandal that led to her ouster in March, unleashed pent-up frustration during a court hearing Monday, calling her case a “political vendetta.”

*stand trial: 재판을 받다
*unleash: 풀어놓다
*pent-up: 억눌린
*vendetta: 복수, 앙갚음

[2] Speaking at length for the first time since her trial began in May, Park said she could not “accept the court’s decision to extend” her detention, which was originally scheduled to end Monday but was extended by another six months by judges Friday.

*speak at length: 길게 말하다
*extend by: ~동안 연장하다
*detention: 구속

[3] Monday’s hearing was the first court session since the decision. It also coincided with what could have been the day of her release from a solitary cell in a detention center outside Seoul.

*hearing: 청문회
*coincide with: 시기가 겹치다
*release: 석방
*solitary cell: 독방

[4] “I have spent a miserable time in jail for the trial in the last six months, and already lost all my dignity and life after a person betrayed the trust that I had given (to her) in the most unthinkable way,” she said at the Seoul Central District Court, reading a prepared text.

*dignity: 명예
*betray: 배신하다