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[팟캐스트](214) 박원순 시장, MB 고발, 방탄소년단 컴백

(Big Hit Entertainment)
(Big Hit Entertainment)

진행자: 윤민식, Paul Kerry

1. 박원순 시장, 블랙리스트 관련해 이명박 전 대통령 고발

기사요약: 박근혜 정권의 “문화계 블랙리스트”와 관련되어 조사가 이뤄지고 있는 가운데 전임 이명박 정권 하에서도 이러한 블랙리스트가 있었던 것으로 밝혀져 충격을 주고 있다. 박원순 서울시장은 최근 MB정권에서 있었던 “박원순 제압 문건”과 관련해 박 서울시장이 이 전 대통령을 고소했다.

Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon on Tuesday asked state prosecutors to investigate former President Lee Myung-bak and now-imprisoned former spy chief Won Sei-hoon for an alleged covert smear campaign against him during the Lee administration.

* investigate: 조사하다 (=probe)
* spy chief: 정보기관의 수장 (=intelligence chief)
* alleged: ~로 의심되는, 혐의를 받는 (= suspected)
* covert: 비밀의
* smear: 명예를 훼손하는 (유의어: defamation, slander)

[2] The liberal civic-activist-turned mayor filed a complaint with the Seoul Central District Prosecutors Office, via his attorney, against a total of 11 -- Lee, Won and nine others at the National Intelligence Service -- on possible charges of abuse of power, defamation and violation of NIS laws.

* liberal: 진보적인, 진보 진영의 (<-> conservative)
* civic activist: 시민운동가
* file a complaint against: ~를 고발하다 (take legal actions against: ~와 관련해 법적 조치를 취하다)
* abuse of power: 권력 남용

[3] This came after the NIS’ internal committee for reform last week confirmed the discovery of two documents detailing the spy agency’s covert scheme targeting Park, then a human rights lawyer.

* internal committee: 내부위원회
* reform: 개혁
* detail: 세부사항, 세부사항을 나열하다
* scheme: 작전, 계획


. 방탄소년단, 빌보드 Hot 100 진입이 목표

기사요약: 최근 새 EP를 발매하며 돌아온 방탄소년단은 이제 목표가 빌보드 Hot 100 차트 진입이라고 밝혔다.

팟빵 (안드로이드):

[1] BTS is back with a new release that is likely to send fans around the globe into a frenzy.

* send into a frenzy: ~를 광란의 상태로 몰다
* likely to ~: ~할 확률이 높은 (probably will ~)

[2] The K-pop act returned with its new EP, “Love Yourself Seung Her,” on Monday, with the ambitious goal of making it on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. 

*K-pop act: K팝 그룹과 설로가수를 포함한 K팝 팀
*ambitious: 야심찬

[3] The 11-song album is led by the lead track “DNA,” a song influenced by electronic dance music and peppered with whistling sounds that linger in one’s ear. Bearing the message that “We are all entangled with each other from the beginning of time like fate, coming from the same root of one DNA,” the song is about the younger generation’s passionate and pure love.

* lead track: 타이틀 곡
* influenced by ~: ~로부터 영향을 받은
* peppered by: ~가 다수 들어간
* linger: 남다
* bear a message: ~란 메시지를 전하다
* entangle: 얽힌
* fate: 운명