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[팟캐스트](210) 위안부 소녀상 버스, 맥주 수입주류 1위


진행자: 조혜림, Kevin Lee Selzer

1.시내버스 내 위안부 소녀상 프로젝트

기사 요약: 세계위안부의 날을 맞이해 8월 14일 서울 동아운수 소속 151번 시내버스 5대에 위안부 소녀상들이 설치됐다. 코리아헤럴드가 이 프로젝트를 직접 제안한 동아운수 임진욱 대표를 인터뷰했다. 

[Herald Interview] How comfort women statues got to ride Seoul buses

[1] Similar to the original statue situated in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, the lightweight effigy represents the euphemistically labeled “comfort women” -- women mostly from South Korea and China who were forced into sex slavery for Japanese soldiers during World War II.

*situate: 위치시키다, 자리잡다
*effigy: 조상, 인형
*euphemistically: 완곡하게

[2] Their bus ride, unveiled on the eve of the Aug. 15 Liberation Day, which marks Korea’s independence from Japanese colonial rule, has been the talk of the town in Seoul. Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon, accompanied by a group of journalists, rode one of the buses on Aug. 14 to pay tribute to the victims. Commuters have shared photos of the statues they encounter on the buses via social media.

* unveil: 덮개를 벗기다, 공개하다
*talk of the town: 장안의 화제, 소문
*pay tribute: 경의를 표하다
*encounter: 맞닥뜨리다

[3] Rim wanted to remind passengers of the plight of comfort women and protest against the 2015 deal between the Seoul and Tokyo governments to “finally and irreversibly” settle the issue, which did not consider victims’ opinions.

*plight: 역경, 곤경
*irreversibly: 철회할 수 없는
*settle: 해결하다, 합의를 보다, 놓다

기사 전문:

2. 맥주 수입주류 점유율 1위

기사요약: 맥주가 우리나라 주류 수입 점유율 1위를 차지했다. 건강에 대한 관심이 높아지고 음주 문화가 변화하면서 사람들이 선호하는 주류도 달라지는 추세다.

Beer tops alcohol imports for first time

[1] According to the Korea International Trade Association’s data information system, Korea imported $143.92 million worth of beer from January to July this year, marking a 50.5 percent rise from the same period last year.

[2] The continuing rise in beer imports correlates with a shift in the way that Koreans are consuming alcohol. Rather than hard liquor and spirits, more consumers are opting for lighter drinks that they can enjoy by themselves at home rather than at big social gatherings.

*hard liquor 증류수, 알코올 성분이 강한 음료
*spirit: 알코올 음료
*opt for: 선택하다
*social gatherings: 친목모임

[3] “The past couple of years have shown that consumers’ taste for drinks with low alcohol content and easily accessible beer is more than just a fad,” said an official with one liquor company.

[4] “As people become more health conscious, the shift away from strong drinks and toward lighter beverages like beer is likely to continue.”

*accessible 접근 가능한
*fad 유행
*health conscious 건강을 의식하는, 조심하는


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