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[팟캐스트](202) 미 주재 일본 총영사관 ‘매춘부’ 발언, 외고, 자사고 폐지

The Japanese consul general in Atlanta, Takashi Shinozuka. (Captured from the website of the Reporter Newspapers)
The Japanese consul general in Atlanta, Takashi Shinozuka. (Captured from the website of the Reporter Newspapers)
진행자: 조혜림, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. 미 주재 일본 총영사관 ‘매춘부’ 발언

기사 요약: 미국 조지아 주 애틀랜타 주재 일본 총영사관 시노즈카 다카시가 위안부 피해자들을 돈을 받은 매춘부들이라고 발언해 논란이 일고 있다. 지역신문 리포터뉴스페이퍼와 진행한 인터뷰에선 위안부들에 대해서 성노예가 아니며 강압적으로 데려온 것도 아니었다 말했다. 

Japan diplomat’s ‘paid prostitutes’ claim draws ire

[1] A senior Japanese diplomat was found Tuesday to have portrayed the victims of wartime sexual slavery as “paid prostitutes,” drawing the ire of South Korea and adding to perennial historical tension between the countries.

*portray 그리다 묘사하다
*paid prostitutes 매춘
*draw the ire of~ 분노를 야기하다
*perennial 지속되는 영원한, 반복되는 다년의

[2] “There were not 200,000 women, they were not sex slaves, and they were not taken by force,” he was quoted as saying by the Reporter Newspapers, calling them “paid prostitutes.”

*by force 강제로
*be quoted as saying ~라고 말한 것으로 인용되다, 전달되다

[3] The Atlanta Comfort Women Memorial Task Force, which donated the memorial to the city last month, said up to 200,000 women, mostly Koreans, were forced by the Japanese military to provide sex in front-line brothels during World War II, which is in line with the studies by Korean and many other international scholars.

*memorial 기념비
*front-line 최전선
*brothel 사창가
*in line with ~와 비슷한, 긴밀히 연결되도록

[4] Seoul’s Foreign Ministry called Shinozuka’s claim “unbelievable” and “extremely inappropriate,” saying it would lodge a complaint and urge its withdrawal after verifying it.

*lodge a complaint 불만, 항의를 제기하다
*urge 충고하다, 설득하려 하다
*withdrawal 철회, 취소


2. 외고, 자사고 폐지

기사요약: 일부 시-도교육청이 외교 자사고 폐지 현실화를 본격화하려는 가운데 해당 학교 교원과 학생, 학부모들의 반발 또한 만만찮은 상황이다. 28일에는 2015년 기준미달 판정을 받아 재지정이 보류된 고등학교 5곳이 재지정 됐다.

Efforts to abolish elite schools face backlash, doubts

[1] Elite private high schools, which in their heydays were gateways to prestigious universities here and abroad, are facing an existential crisis, as education chiefs in Seoul and its surrounding Gyeonggi Province have vowed to rescind their autonomy in school curriculum and admissions.

*heydays 전성기
*gateways 관문, 입구
*vow 약속하다
*rescind 폐지하다
*autonomy 자율권

[2] Seoul’s liberal education chief Cho Hee-yeon has long campaigned for a removal of those schools, emphasizing equal opportunities for students and negative side effects such as excessive competition.

*Emphasize 강조하다
*excessive 과도한

[3] Opponents of the abolishment of elite schools -- many of them parents who send their kids to those schools or have been preparing to do so -- are crying foul. They criticize the government’s lack of coherence in national education policies.

*cry foul 부당하다고 외치다
*coherence 일관성
*abolishment 폐지


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