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[팟캐스트](200) 문재인 김상조 임명, 연세대 폭발물


진행자: 원호정, Paul Kerry

1. 문재인 대통령, 김상조 공정거래위원장 임명

문재인 대통령은 야당의 반대를 무릅쓰고 김상조 공정거래위원장 후보자 임명을 강행했다. 더 이상 새 정부 출발을 지체할 수 없다는 입장이지만, 야권에서는 강력하게 반발하고 있다.

Moon appoints FTC chief, nominates 4 ministers

[1] President Moon Jae-in on Tuesday appointed Kim Sang-jo as the chief of the Fair Trade Commission against main conservative opposition parties' resistance, and named four new minister nominees.

- appoint: 임명하다 (n. appointment)
- resistance: 저항 (v. resist)
- nominee: 후보자 (v. nominate, -ee)

[2] Saying Kim is the right person to realize Moon's vision for economic reforms, chief presidential press officer Yoon Young-chan said that Moon has decided to go ahead with Kim's appointment.

- realize: 실현하다 (<-> 깨닫다)
- reform: 개혁
- go ahead with: 계획 등을 밀고 나가다, 실행하다

[3] "The times require a new paradigm of economic democracy. As time cannot be wasted further, Kim Sang-jo is appointed as the Fair Trade Commission chairman," Yoon said.

- The times:  현 시대
- paradigm: 패러다임

[4 ] "The new chairman's abilities were proven in the confirmation hearing process. In the eyes of the people, who consider capabilities more important than faults, I dare say that Kim has already passed the vetting process."

-   abilities:  능력, 역량
-   confirmation hearing process: 국회 청문회 과정
-   dare say: 감히 말하다
-   vetting: 검증 (후보자)

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2. 연세대학교 폭발물 사건

연세대학교에서 터진 사제폭발물 조사 결과에 따르면, 이 폭발물은 IS등 테러단체에서 사용하는 것과 구조가 비슷했지만 제조가 조악해 큰 피해를 입히지 않았던 것으로 드러났다.

Parcel bomb injures Yonsei University professor

[1] An unidentified parcel bomb that exploded at Seoul's Yonsei University on Tuesday appears to be a nail bomb, similar to the one used in the recent terrorist attack at the Ariana Grande concert venue in the UK.

-   parcel: 소포
-   similar to: 비슷하다
-   venue: 장소

[2] The explosive, made from a coffee tumbler, gunpowder and four AA-size batteries, was "clumsily made" and looked like it was the work of an amateur, police said.

-  gunpowder: 화약
- clumsily: 어설프게, 서투르게 (adj. clumsy)
- amateur: 아마추어

[3] However, it contained scores of screws 1 centimeter long or shorter to make it more lethal. A professor of engineering who opened the parcel suffered minor burns and was taken to a nearby hospital.

score: 20개 (rf. dozen)
lethal: 치명적인

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