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[팟캐스트](195) 제19대 대통령 문재인, 공중화장실 쓰레기통

진행자: 임정요, Paul Kerry

1. 문재인, 제19대 대통령 취임

문재인이 제19대 대한민국 대통령으로 취임하며 제1 야당이었던 더불어민주당이 여당이 됐다. 문재인 대통령은 선거 이튿날인 10일 곧장 대통령으로서 업무를 개시했다.

Moon starts presidency

[1] Moon Jae-in on Wednesday officially began his term as the 19th president of South Korea, after winning Tuesday’s election in a landslide victory.

*term: 임기, 기간
*officially: 공식적으로, 정말로
*a landslide victory: 압도적인 승리

[2] The National Election Commission in the morning officially declared Moon’s win, confirming that he has clinched over 13.42 million -- or 41.08 percent -- of all votes. Ballot counting was completed around 7 a.m.

*clinch: 거머쥐다

[3] “This presidential election was the first-ever by-election that followed an impeachment of a president. I hope the president-elect will offer words of consolation to those who lost, and unite people across ideology, region, class and generation,” said NEC head Kim Yong-deok.

*consolation: 위로

[4] Moon, 64, officially started his five-year term as of 8:09 a.m., immediately after the election watchdog confirmed his victory during a general meeting at 8 a.m.

*watchdog: 감시기관 (이 경우 선거관리위원회)

[5] Hong Joon-pyo of the conservative Liberty Korea Party came in second with 7.85 million votes (24.03 percent), followed by the center-left People’s Party’s Ahn Cheol-soo with 6.99 million votes (21.41 percent). Yoo Seong-min of the Bareun Party and Sim Sang-jeung of the Justice Party failed to secure a double-digit percentage of votes, with 2.22 million (6.76 percent) and 2.01 million (6.17 percent), respectively.

*secure: 확보하다, 안전하다
*double-digit: 두자리 수의
*respectively: 각각의


2. 공중화장실에 쓰레기통 없앤다

비위생적이란 이유로 국외에서 말이 많았던 한국의 공중화장실 휴지통이 내년 1월부터 사라진다. 행정자치부는 공중화장실에서 휴지통을 없애는 대신 물에 잘 녹는 휴지를 공급할 것이라 발표했다.

Public restroom trash cans to be removed

[1] One Korean practice that has often baffled foreigners is the trash bins inside public bathrooms accompanied by signs asking users not to flush down toilet paper and instead to toss it into a bin.

*baffle: 어리둥절케 하다
*flush down: 물을 내리다

[2] This is about to change. Starting Jan. 1 next year, all public bathrooms will be devoid of trash cans, under a revised law that passed the Cabinet on Tuesday.

*devoid of: ~이 없다

[3] “We believe it’s more reasonable to distribute rapid dissolving toilet papers for public restrooms instead of trash cans which can cause hygiene issues,” said the Ministry of Interior, which proposed and drafted the revision bill on the management of public restrooms.

*rapid: 급속히
*dissolving: 녹는
*hygiene: 위생의

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