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G&B Solutions helps keep pig farms clean, safe

Green & Blue Solutions, a local manufacturer of odor eliminators based on bio-enzyme technology, has dedicated itself to addressing concerns over the environment of pig farms and helped improve their productivity by reducing the health risks of livestock.

Its signature product Biomagic has improved farm productivity by reducing toxic gases from livestock excrement, such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, which not only generates odor, but also affects the respiratory health of livestock, the firm said.

G&B Solutions CEO Yoo Tae-chul
G&B Solutions CEO Yoo Tae-chul

Domestic farms have benefited from the odor eliminator.

After the farms used Biomagic, the gas concentration was reduced to 10 parts per million from 50 ppm, while the livestock death rate was reduced by 2 percent.

This came after a test by a team led by Park Yong-ho, a professor at Seoul National University. The results also showed that Biomagic helped reduce the stress of pigs by 90 percent, the mortality rate by 70 percent and the number of days taken for pigs to deliver piglets by 15 percent.

Biomagic has also contributed to tackling smells in neighborhoods due to livestock farming, G&B Solutions said, which enables pig farmers to “move their residence to their farms.”

“People’s quality of life around pig farms have significantly improved,” said Yoo Tae-chul, chief executive of G&B Solutions. “It opened a way for urban pig farming.”

The product has also been used to turn hardened excrement into liquefied fertilizer on-site, so livestock farmers can save on maintenance costs and keep their farm free from odor.

G&B Solution is supplying Biomagic to some 250 pig farms across the country. A number of municipalities have also expressed interest in the product, it added.

Biomagic, made of extracts from orange, papaya and lime, accelerates bio-reaction, removing 92 percent of odor-causing matter.

The CEO of the company said he had invested 4.7 billion won ($4.16 million) to develop the enzyme odor eliminator.

“We need fundamental improvements in pig farms and the market to secure competitiveness against the imported pork meat,” Yoo said.

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