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[팟캐스트](192) 한미 FTA 재협상 가시화, 한국씨티은행 영업점 폐점


진행자: 원호정, Paul Kerry
1. 미국 부통령 마이크 펜스, 한미 FTA 재협상 시사
최근 방한한 마이크 펜스 미국 부통령이 주한미국상공회의소 행사에서 트럼프 행정부가 한미FTA 재검토하고 개선하겠다고 밝혀 사실상 재협상이 가시화되었다는 우려가 나오고 있다. 

'Pence calls for reform of Korea-US FTA'
[1] US Vice President Mike Pence said Tuesday the Donald Trump administration is to “review and reform” the free trade pact with South Korea, citing growing trade deficits and “too many barriers” for American firms.
* pact: 협정, 약속
* cite: ~ 이유나 예로 들다, 인용하다
* trade deficit: 무역수지 적자
[2] At a meeting of the American Chamber of Commerce in Seoul, Pence said since the two countries’ trade agreement took effect five years ago, the US’ deficit has more than doubled, calling it the “most concerning fact.”
* take effect: 발효되다
* double: 배로 늘어나다 (참고: triple, quadruple)
* concerning: 우려되는
[3] On the campaign trail, Trump criticized the South Korea-US free trade agreement as a “job killer” especially for the US auto industry, and immediately pulled out of the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership after taking office.
* on the campaign trail: 유세, 선거 동안
* criticize: 비난하다
* pull out: 빠져나오다
* take office: 취임하다
[4] But Pence’s remarks represent the most explicit signal yet the administration will push for a renegotiation of the bilateral deal.
* remark: 발언
* explicit: 노골적인 (참고: implicit)
* renegotiate: 재협상하다
* bilateral: 쌍방의
2. 씨티은행 영업점 대폭 감소 전략
최근 온라인뱅킹 비대면 금융거래가 활성화되는 상황에서 한국씨티은행이 국내 영업점의 80퍼센트를 폐점하기로 결정했다. 영업점 대신 새로운 고객집중센터를 통해 비대면거래를 더욱 강조하겠다는 전략이다.

Timely or premature? Citibank’s bold move draws mixed reaction
[1] Amid Citibank Korea’s recent decision to close down 80 percent of its physical branches nationwide, industry insiders are waiting to see how this bold push for non-face-to-face banking will stir the domestic banking industry.
* close down: 문을 닫다, 폐점하다
* bold: 과감한
* face-to-face: 대면
* stir: 휘젓다, 흔들다
[2] Citibank said slashing 101 branches is part of the company’s next generation of consumer banking strategy that emphasizes enhanced digital channels.
* slash: 등으로 찢다, 대폭으로 줄이다
* consumer banking: 소비자 금융
* enhanced: 발전된, 향상된
[3] In lieu of physical bank branches, the local unit of the US corporation will be introducing its new Client Engagement Center, which is said to utilize diverse nonphysical channels such as internet phone, mobile applications and ATMs. The dramatic shift toward information technology convergence means only 32 Citi branches will remain nationwide.
* in lieu of: 대신
* is said to ~ : ~으로 알려졌다
* convergence: 융합
[4] According to a press statement by the company Thursday, more than 95 percent of all its customer financial transactions already happen via non-face-to-face transactions. The move is purportedly intended to help minimize the “hassle of visiting a branch and waiting.” 
* press statement: 보도자료
* transactions: 거래
* via: ~ 통해
* purportedly: ~말에 따르면
* hassle: 불편
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