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[팟캐스트](191) 우병우 구속영장 또 기각 외 1건


진행자: 박세환, Paul Kerry

1. 우병우 구속영장 또 기각

기사요약: 우병우 전 청와대 민정수석비서관에게 청구된 구속영장이 또 한 번 기각됐다. 11일 오전, 우 전 수석의 구속 여부에 대해 피의자 심문을 진행한 권순호 서울중앙지법 영장전담 부장판사는 혐의 내용 관련 “충분히 소명되지 않았다”며 기각 사유를 밝혔다.

Court rejects warrant for Woo Byung-woo

[1] A Seoul court dismissed the arrest warrant for Woo Byung-woo, a former presidential secretary for civil affairs, on Wednesday over a corruption scandal that led to ousted President Park Geun-hye's removal from power.

*dismiss: 거절하다, 기각하다 (reject, deny, decline, refuse)

[2] "It is hard to acknowledge the reason and necessity to take him into custody," said Judge Kwon Soon-ho from the Central District Court. 

*acknowledge: 인정하다
*take somebody into custody: ~를 구금하다

[3] Both the prosecution and independent counsel failed to arrest Woo, who had been picked as one of the key suspects behind the corruption scandal involving ex-President Park and her longtime confidante Choi Soon-sil. 

*the prosecution: 검찰
*fail to: ~에 실패하다
*play a core role: 핵심 역할을 하다 

[4] In February, special counsel Park Young-soo, whose 70-day investigation ended on Feb. 28, sought to arrest Woo, but the court rejected his request for a warrant. The court said the charges against Woo were “debatable” and were not sufficiently “clarified.”

*seek to: ~을 원하다 (want to, wish to, intend to) 
*clarified: 소명된

[5] Woo has maintained that he had not been aware of Choi Soon-sil, a longtime friend of former President Park, and Choi's alleged meddling in state affairs. 

*alleged: 주장되는
*meddle in: 간섭하다

[6] He has faced a total of eight charges including peddling influence in the government to sack officials who did not cooperate with irregularities committed by Park and Choi. He is also charged with dereliction of duty.

*sack: to fire, dismiss
*dereliction: 유기, 태만    



2. 우리나라 3월 실업률, 4.2%로 하락

기사요약: 12일 통계청이 발표한 3월 고용동향 보고서에 따르면 우리나라 3월 실업률이 4.2%로 떨어졌다. 동시에 취업자는 약 46만 명 증가했다.

S. Korea's jobless rate falls to 4.2 pct in March

[1] South Korea's jobless rate fell slightly last month on the back of increased employment in the construction and retail sectors, government data showed Wednesday.

*jobless rate: 실업률, unemployment rate
*fall slightly: 소폭 내려가다, 감소하다
*on the back of: ~의 성과로 

[2] The unemployment rate in Asia's fourth-largest economy stood at 4.2 percent last month, edging down 0.1 percentage point from the same month last year, according to the data compiled by Statistics Korea.

*stand at: ~에 달하다 (reach, mark, score, register) 
*edge down: ~소폭 내려가다  

[3] From a month earlier, the rate fell 0.8 percentage point from a seven-year high of 5 percent.


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