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[Eye Plus] Streets of fashion, passion

Seoul Fashion Week fall-winter 2017 comes to an end today after six fashion-filled days and nights.

Celebrated for its wealth of young talent and their vibrant energy, Seoul Fashion Week is also remarkable for the colorful scenes that unfold outside Dongdaemun Design Plaza, the main fashion week venue. 

Hordes of young fashionistas strut down the long walkways outside the DDP as if on a real runway and strike poses in front of the cool metallic panels of the iconic Zaha Hadid building for anyone and everyone with a camera. Some grab attention with their originality, some with their spunk, and some with plain outrageousness. Some come dressed in their own one-of-a-kind creations, some sport ingenious styling.

While the formal shows inside draw serious buyers and press looking with hawkish eyes for the next big thing, there is another kind of fashion show happening outside DDP, where the air is filled with verve and artistic freedom reigns. While serious fashion occupies the venue, it is a lot more fun here, outside.

By Kim Hoo-ran (