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Korean’s sodium intake down 19% from 5 years ago

South Koreans now consume about 19 percent less sodium compared to five years ago, data showed Sunday.

According to the Korea Health Promotion Foundation, the average Korean’s daily sodium intake in 2015 was 3,871 milligrams, about a 19 percent decrease from 4,785 milligrams in 2010.

The KHPF attributed the reduction in sodium intake to a well-being trend in the local food industry -- in particular the introductions of new MSG-free, low-sodium instant noodles and traditional paste products for health-conscious consumers.

Sodium intake for South Koreans peaked at 5,260 mg in 2005, but has since been in a gradual decline. 
Experts warn that an excessive intake of high-sodium products may pose health risks linked to stomach cancer, heart disease and more.

In 2010, the government released a countermeasure plan to reduce Korean’s sodium intake by 20 percentage points by 2020.