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High school bullies ordered to transfer school

Three female high school students were ordered to transfer schools after they brutally bullied a freshman, according to Jeju Special Self-Governing Provincial Office of Education, Tuesday. 


The accused students beat the victim over three counts in secluded spots within and outside the school in June, causing severe psychological distress for the victim.

The victim’s parents reported the case to Jeju Dongbu Police, which forwarded it to the prosecutors for opinion on indictment.

The Jeju Office of Education said the students’ school counselor had detected signs of abuse and had ordered the bullying students to maintain distance from the victim from June 29.

The school followed up with an emergency anti-school violence committee on Monday and decided to transfer the accused three.

The Jeju Office of Education plans to provide counseling for both the victim and the perpetrators.

By Lim Jeong-yeo (