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Teacher fined for sexually harassing pupils

A 56-year-old middle school teacher was slapped with a 7 million won ($602,000) fine for sexually harassing pupils, according to Jeonju District Court on Wednesday.

He was also ordered to attend a 40-hour rehabilitation program.

The teacher was brought to court for charges of inappropriately touching three of his pupils around their waist and brassiere straps.

He told a 13-year-old victim, “You know I like you, I love you” and forced the victim to repeat the proclamation of love back to him.

He massaged the victims’ shoulders and arms, stroked their cheeks and applied balm on their lips. The victims claimed his unsolicited actions made them feel sexually humiliated.

He denied the accusations, but the court found him guilty based on the consistent and matching testimony from the victims.

By Lim Jeong-yeo (