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Kolon to commercialize materials for foldable, flexible displays

[THE INVESTOR] Chemical firm Kolon Industries has reportedly developed colorless, transparent polyimide -- a material that can be used for flexible and transparent displays.

The development of the material, the first of its kind according to the company, is hailed as a big leap forward in the display sector as it can speed up the commercialization of next-generation displays, such as those that can be rolled up or folded. 

Kolon’s headquarters in Gwachoen, Gyeonggi Province. Kolon
Kolon’s headquarters in Gwachoen, Gyeonggi Province. Kolon

“We plan to soon commercialize our newly developed transparent polyimide,” Kang Choon-seok of Kolon Industries was quoted as saying by local news outlet ETnews. “Based on the market conditions and demand, the company will decide whether or not to beef up its production capacity,” Kang said.

The chemical business arm of Kolon Group has been conducting research and development for the past 10 years to create the so-called “super engineering plastic,” which can withstand temperatures as low as minus 296 degrees Celsius and as high as 400 degrees Celsius.

Most chemical and display firms are currently still struggling to develop colorless polyimide, which is naturally of a yellowish brown color.

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