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64-year-old gets 10 years for contract murdering ex-husband

A 64-year-old woman received 10 years in prison Sunday for hiring someone to murder her ex-husband.

The three men who complied and carried out the murder were each sentenced to heavier terms of 15, 20 and 25 years, respectively.

The Cheonan branch of Daejeon District Court said the convicted woman had paid 50 million won ($43,500) to have her ex-husband killed, after they had mutually agreed on a divorce and while they were going through the process of property division.

Daejeon District Court, Cheonan branch (Yonhap)
Daejeon District Court, Cheonan branch (Yonhap)

She hired a 36-year-old private ambulance operator in April 2014 and asked him to “put my husband somewhere he can never get out.”

The ambulance operator in turn reached out to two of his acquaintances who were struggling with debt. The three together murdered the victim at a deserted mountain in Yangju-si and buried his body.

The court said it gave 10 years to the woman as: “She had suffered a significant degree of pain during her marriage due to the husband’s chronic suspicion and violence stemming from his psychological imbalance. She feared the victim would inflict harm on their children even in their divorced state.”

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