Adhesive portable recorder wins Herald Design Tech 2015 award

By 이우영

Herald Design Tech offers technical and design advice to young entrepreneurs with creative ideas

  • Published : Dec 22, 2015 - 17:10
  • Updated : Dec 23, 2015 - 14:45

A team of three university seniors won the top award at Herald Design Tech 2015, the design-meets-technology contest co-organized by Herald Corp. and Seoul Design Foundation.

The team won the competition with their innovative adhesive portable recorder “Spicki,” which can be carried around easily to record any sound. They received a prize of 10 million won ($8,500).

“I am so happy to receive the prize. It started as a school graduation project. We were able to develop our idea at the Herald Design Tech. I’m grateful that it gave us such a wonderful opportunity to make a prototype and a chance to exhibit our product at Dongdaemun Design Plaza,” said Park Hye-jin, 21, the team leader. The team consists of two seniors of the Information and Interaction Design department and one senior of the Creative Technology Management department of Techno-Art Division at Yonsei University. 

The winning team of Herald Design Tech 2015 and the CEO of Herald Corp. Lee Yong-man (second from left) pose at the award ceremony on Tuesday in Seoul. (Lee Sang-sub/The Korea Herald)

The team focused on sounds that hold special memories for people, such as a baby’s first word or a loved one’s singing voice, and the need to keep them alongside photographs.

“It started with the question -- what would it be like to own sound?” she said.

The team came up with a paper-thin, square-shaped portable recorder that comes with two buttons -- record and play. With an exterior case made using a 3-D printer, the Spicki is lighter than regular recorders.

Users can carry it around and record meaningful sounds with ease. They can then present the recording to friends or family as a gift.

The device also targets people learning new languages or musicians and writers who want to record a moment of inspiration for a future work. The recorder can be attached to any surface -- on a photo album, wall or desk.

“We thought of it as a Post-it recorder,” said Park. 
Adhesive portable recorder SPICKI is on display at Herald Design Tech 2015 exhibition at Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul. (Herald Design Tech 2015)

The project’s jury members noted Spicki’s ease of use and its emotional aspect as strong features that could appeal to customers.

“We liked the idea of delivering a warm voice message to someone,” said Jeong Seong-mo, industrial designer and a design professor at Hanyang Cyber University.

Herald Design Tech, in its first year, ran from August to November, offering technical and design advice to young entrepreneurs and college students with creative ideas to help them realize their visions. Veteran designers, engineers and participants held numerous workshops and discussions, and the participants created their final products based on the feedback they received at the workshops.

“We made a lot of progress in our ideas thanks to the great advice from mentors of Herald Design Tech, which helped us improve our product,” said Mo Shin-young, a member of the winning team.

Five participating teams exhibited their creations at Dongdaemun Design Plaza from Dec. 2-6.

“I hope to see more innovative ideas next year and hope that Herald Design Tech grows as an incubator for creative minds,” said Lee Young-man, CEO of Herald Corp.

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